Thursday, November 29, 2012

Progress - 11/30/12

Slave Quarters
ALPHA 1 has finally been released! You can download it by going to the Downloads tab. Other than that, I've almost completed the level art for Achtley Plantation. I've added in the Slave Quarters, which is located south of the Church. I've also added a few notes linked to the story and an easter egg note. We will also be launching our IndieGoGo campaign sometime next week! Please leave your feedback on the game! Thanks for your support!

So far, I've been working on finishing these features for the game. I've added a few new ones to add more enjoyment to the game. Here are the upcoming features you will get to see:

Weather System: A Weather System adds atmosphere and makes the game more realistic. Prominent scares and hauntings will be determined by the weather. If it's raining or storming, haunts and scares will be more abundant than when it is clear or dry. Note that all maps will be set at night. Weather will also affect equipment and your flashlight, meaning equipment wand your flashlight will have their life, or yours, short.

Flickering Lights: Most lights now flicker when your flashlight is turned off, but turn off when the flashlight is enabled. Your flashlight will also flicker when it's battery is low.

XBOX 360 Controller Support
: Q.U.A.D will launch a full XBOX 360 Controller support, along with the native mouse + keyboard.

Q.U.A.D - Wallpaper #1

Scare System: A totally new scare system allows you to experience different hauntings each time. Adding new triggers, loud sounds, multiple, heart-stopping scares, and more. This makes the game more suspenseful and memorable, to make sure that no one will miss anything. Trust me, you won't.

Open Source Particle System: A custom particle system that exposes particle movement deltaTime among other things. This will create vanishing effects and orb movement that can be seen and captured more easier. This will also add more effect to the Weather System so that rain, snow, sleet, etc. will animate more smoothly in the game.

Flashlight (camera light)
: Creates a bright, short-ranged light to help you see in the pitch, dark blackness. Your flashlight runs on batteries and goes out every 5 to 10 minutes. Beware that when your flashlight is out, scares will happen more often than when it is on. Lights that would be on when the flashlight is normally turned off will not be on. It will flicker when it's battery power is low. To save it from going out or to power it back on, collect batteries at your HQ, which will be located at the front of the map.

Slave Quarters

Inventory System: Before you play each map, you will get to add equipment to your inventory. You can use this equipment in-game to gain evidence of the paranormal. Equipment includes camera spikes, parabolic microphones, EMF detectors, Electromagnetic Apparition Field Scanner, energy pumps, etc. You will get a chance to use all of these things to uncover the dark and evil back story of every map. Beware that using equipment will cause scares to become more prominent than not using equipment. To get the full effect, use some equipment and turn off your flashlight. But you might want to keep an extra pair of pants nearby, or change your computer chair to a toilet.

Interactive Minimap
has been scrapped. I still might put in a mini-map, but it will not been interactive and will only show your direction.
Thank you for your support! Be sure to leave feedback below! Be sure to download ALPHA 1 and back periodically for updates!